Monday, December 20, 2004

Two Week Update (Portland and Seattle)

I flew to Portland for MICRO. It was a pretty good conference, got to catch up with some folks. Besides the usual schmoozing, we also started the planning for an ice hockey game when ISCA goes to Wisconsin next year. The first pictures are from the excursion to the airplane museum. The center piece was the "Spruce Goose", an airplane designed to ship up to 750 troops at once across the Atlantic (no danger from U-boats), but by the time it was finished it was over budget and the war had ended. The cool thing besides its size is that it is almost entirely made out of wood (birch actually, despite its nick-name).

The first picture is the inside of the plane, which makes one think of Job trapped in the whale's belly. The second picture gives a better idea for how big the Spruce Goose is. That's an SR-71 parked underneath the Spruce Goose's wing with plenty of room to spare. One evening, we went into downtown Portland and stopped by the Technical Books branch of Powell's bookstore (super-huge bookstore in Portland). In the computer architecture section, we found old ISCA proceedings that someone had pawned off for a few bucks. Even funnier was that at least one of those someone's was Doug Carmean (we found the conference registration receipt in the front cover).

After MICRO, I went snowboarding on Mt. Hood on thursday, visited Intel on friday, and then took Amtrak up to Seattle on friday night.

Heidi, Sue and I went to the 5 Spot in Queen Anne for brunch on saturday. The current theme was "Little Italy", and they had placemats with funny pictures with Italian phrases and the corresponding English translations. On the walk back to Heidi's we passed by a big radio tower. While staring at the monstrous tower, we noticed that someone had lodged a pumpkin in the barbed wire for unknown reasons (note that this is well after Halloween). Then that night, we went to the WindowsCE holiday party which was held at the EMP. The space needle looked nice all lit up, so I took a picture.

I used to go to the Dexter Deli every morning for my coffee. Someone had apparently orphaned a mug there. Simon visited for a day, so we trucked around most of town. In the Pike Place market, we saw this crazy looking broccoli-cauliflower-like vegetable that looked really cool. Wednesday night I dropped in on the Steamer's hockey game (the team I used to play with two winters ago). Apparently nothing's changed. The goalie is still getting drunk before games...

We dropped by the Arboretum on saturday. My favorite room was the cactus room, which had a really large variety of cacti and other succulents. I liked this first one because it grew so wildly. The second batch were just impressive due to their shape and size (each is very spherical, and you can see the person squatting on the left to get a feel for their size). The third picture was cool because of the brain-like appearance of the cactus.

The trip to Seattle also included a lot of chinese food, a sushi-making night, a snowboarding trip to Mt. Baker, and working. Next week we head off to Las Vegas to visit Sue's dad, and then it's Orlando after that to meet up with my parents.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

We went to visit Sue's mom for Thanksgiving. We flew into the Toledo airport, and they had this ancient TDD device for hotel information or something like that. It has one of those old Speak-and-Spell displays, and made assorted beeps whenever you hit any button.

One morning, we went to this little diner called Weber's (on their sign, it said: "Good Food. Mediocre Service."), and I ordered the item called "Big Vic's", which is basically a cookie sheet full of breakfast food. It has two eggs, two pieces of bacon, two links of sausage, a biscuit+gravy, a pancake, two pieces of french toast, a potato pancake, and two pieces of regular toast. Their coffee was darned close to water.

We drove up to the Detroit area that day where one of Sue's aunts lives. We visited some big ol' mansion that was once owned by the Dodge family (Dodge as in "does that thing have a hemi?") and was decked out in all sorts of holiday decorations. I only got a few half-way interesting pictures.

The first is a small closet that is the "Wrapping Closet". There's a small work surface, and a roll of wrapping paper on the wall. The only purpose of that closet is to wrap presents. I just found it interesting that they had enough presents to justify dedicating part of the house full-time for wrapping.

The next picture is a Tiffany lamp over an old player piano (well an organ really). The player piano had all sorts of rolls of music that look like super-long punch cards. Anytime I see these lamps with all of the fruit, it reminds me of a house that one of my dad's uncles used to live in.

The last picture was a platter of antique booze bottles (with the original contents still intact). Most of them were "South Africa" brand, and it was in a really beautiful sun room.

Monday, November 22, 2004

I was in Austin last week visiting Intel folks. Bryan had a little pizza thing at his place on thursday night. Got to see his new puppy. It's an Italian Bulldog. And it likes to chew on shoelaces.

This past saturday we went to Dim Sum with Kevin and Max and two of their friends. Afterwards, we stopped by the chinese market that's in the same asian strip mall and found some funny things.

We used to eat these fruit snack things called "Haw Flakes" when we were little. I guess it's just some kind of asian fruit that's been smashed up and dried into little disks. Well, we found some other incarnations of haw, in particular the "Hamburger Haw":

Other funny items include fried paste, a red-bull knock-off vitamin drink, luscious soy paste, and fermented residue. Don't ask me what any of those are.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Ethernet cables
Tentacles of the Kraken
Doomed undergrad souls
I need more coffee
ISCA deadline approaching
falling asleep soon

Monday, November 08, 2004

More silly photos from this past week.

We really liked Qoo when we were in Japan. It's a brand of juice-drink (actually a coca-cola product) with this crazy one-eared cat for a mascot. Anyway, we found some at a Japanese market here in Atlanta. They had Pokari Sweat as well, but that was too expensive.

The second was the big E-day, and we've now got the new touch-screen voting machines here in town. They seemed to work without any problems.

Saturday night we were going to find a random Pho place for dinner out on Buford Highway, but we ended up going to this little korean noodle place. I had some great ginseng-chicken noodle soup. It was really good because the noodles were freshly made.

They had some red pepper at the table for use as a condiment, but the canister it was in was pretty goofy so I took a picture of it. I guess it's pretty typical of asian housewares. It says "cute collection" on it, but somehow it just doesn't seem to match the fiery death of the korean red pepper. The kimchi-daikon (gaktugi? - no idea how to spell it) was really good so we also bought a big jar of that.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Some funny sightings this weekend. We went to an Indian restaurant on friday night with a bunch of the new faculty, and afterwards a few of us went to Paolo's in Va-Hi for dessert. I'm guessing they're just being silly, but they have a Viagra flavored gelato!

Then at the CRC (GT Campus Recreation Center, aka the gym), there's a health monitor station that measures blood pressure and pulse rate. Just in case your blood pressure is too low, right next to that is a vending machine where you can get your daily fix of healthy pork rinds. (Maybe it's just a southern thing?)

Perhaps the picture isn't as neat as it was in real life, or I just like stupid things, but I thought this tree's roots were pretty neat. They were running quite a long distance down this narrow stretch of dirt between the road and the sidewalk. I just thought it looked cool.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Stuck watching MXC. What silliness, and at the same time it's so hard to pull myself away from it.

Stupid Paul Hamm got his gold medal. His bratty, self-centered, selfish attitude is just one more example of why so many people do not look favorably on us. At least as a result he's probably gone and shot himself in the foot as far as making much money from endorsements.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Last night after the hockey game, Sue and I saw this very frightening combination:

We couldn't decide if the chinese people running the restaurant were just making gyros because there was a locally high demand for them, if the local populace didn't know that gyros weren't even asian food (I can sort of understand not knowing whether teriyaki is Chinese or Japanese), or if there was some other explanation. But this was kinda hurting our brains thinking about it. Sue got a gyro just to see whether asians had any clue, and she said it wasn't half bad.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Got a new cell phone (MotoV600) and a linksys bluetooth adapter for my PC. Now I can post stupid pictures!

This one is a lovely picture from the Harvard campus, very Bart Simpson-esque.

Also had a chance to grab some Sushi with Sue, Karhan, Lili and Patty:

Another piece of big news is that they put a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop in Copley:

Friday, October 15, 2004

End of a week. Was at ASPLOS in Boston; had a pretty good time. Non-conference-wise I got to eat Sushi and play ice hockey with Rahul. I actually went to more talks than I normally do.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Blah blah. Haven't touched this in a while. This is just a test blog anyway.

Day trip to Santa Clara tomorrow.
Waking up at 4 or so in the morning.
What lovely fun.

Had my performance review today.
Nothing surprising.
Bryan still trying to get me to stay at Intel.

Saturday, March 06, 2004

Saturday morning. Sue's at practice, and then there's race-course setup.

Here's a link to /.

Friday, March 05, 2004

Just testing out this whole bloggin' biznass.

Don't know what to do with it.