Monday, November 22, 2004

I was in Austin last week visiting Intel folks. Bryan had a little pizza thing at his place on thursday night. Got to see his new puppy. It's an Italian Bulldog. And it likes to chew on shoelaces.

This past saturday we went to Dim Sum with Kevin and Max and two of their friends. Afterwards, we stopped by the chinese market that's in the same asian strip mall and found some funny things.

We used to eat these fruit snack things called "Haw Flakes" when we were little. I guess it's just some kind of asian fruit that's been smashed up and dried into little disks. Well, we found some other incarnations of haw, in particular the "Hamburger Haw":

Other funny items include fried paste, a red-bull knock-off vitamin drink, luscious soy paste, and fermented residue. Don't ask me what any of those are.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Ethernet cables
Tentacles of the Kraken
Doomed undergrad souls
I need more coffee
ISCA deadline approaching
falling asleep soon

Monday, November 08, 2004

More silly photos from this past week.

We really liked Qoo when we were in Japan. It's a brand of juice-drink (actually a coca-cola product) with this crazy one-eared cat for a mascot. Anyway, we found some at a Japanese market here in Atlanta. They had Pokari Sweat as well, but that was too expensive.

The second was the big E-day, and we've now got the new touch-screen voting machines here in town. They seemed to work without any problems.

Saturday night we were going to find a random Pho place for dinner out on Buford Highway, but we ended up going to this little korean noodle place. I had some great ginseng-chicken noodle soup. It was really good because the noodles were freshly made.

They had some red pepper at the table for use as a condiment, but the canister it was in was pretty goofy so I took a picture of it. I guess it's pretty typical of asian housewares. It says "cute collection" on it, but somehow it just doesn't seem to match the fiery death of the korean red pepper. The kimchi-daikon (gaktugi? - no idea how to spell it) was really good so we also bought a big jar of that.