Wednesday, September 07, 2005

End of Summer Travels

We spent a few days in Chicago for a family reunion. While there, we saw a pretty funny lighter (for BBQ's and what not) shaped as a chicken. After Chicago, we headed out to NY for a wedding. We stayed in NYC; while walking around midtown, we made a pit stop at Trump Tower and discovered that The Don has his own brand of bottled water! This was new to me, but then a couple weeks ago I heard Conan O'Brian make a reference to Trump Ice. The "OOF" is from a painting we saw in the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art); I just thought it was funny. While walking down 5th avenue (I think), we ran into a street fair. This one sausage stand seemed a little odd; apparently the King of Pigs is quite happy about the long chain of sausage made from his fallen compatriots. It's probably worse than several years ago when Mr. Potato-Head was selling french fries for Burger King.

Back in Atlanta, we finally found the Delallo garlic antipasto that we (me in particular) got hooked on while we were living in Austin, TX. Upon first sight, we bought about 2 lbs. of this fantastic stuff (which was all they had), and had consumed 1 lb. of it within a few days. After not having gone in the back of the house for a few days, a big, colorful spider had set up shop along our flower/vegetable/spice garden. The body of the spider was a good 2" long, maybe even slightly longer. When you include the legs, the overall diameter was quite considerable. I blasted it out of there with the garden hose and then took down its web. It was still a pretty impressive spider.

We were in Boston this past weekend (Labor Day) for another wedding. The funniest thing was that the DJ at the reception looked like Max Weinberg! The wedding was held at a classic auto museum. In the basement, they had an interesting collection of those old fashioned bicycles with the large front wheel. There was an old block print that had the great caption of "Beer is back!" that I found entertaining (it was in refernce to the end of prohibition).